Well from my personal experience, natural immunity lasts exactly 21 months. This time around I was better prepared as I had Ivermectin on hand as well…

November 2022

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August 2022

So two weeks ago, my wife and I traveled to the mid-Atlantic region and spent time visiting in NJ, PA and Maryland. We were so impressed that our…
Memories of Sonny and Cher

July 2022

Covid is still a thing according to Xavier Becerra
I guess we will know tomorrow when Biden extends the State of Emergency won't we?

February 2022

Watch out for that Big Stick though
States to declare victory due to their mandates
What's next monkeys flying out Fauci's butt?
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Reviewing a post by a self proclaimed MD, PhD, physician-scientist, advocate for ethics, patient safety and women’s health.

January 2022

Get your Vitamin D levels in range ASAP